Providing Leadership and Growth Opportunities for Children at Risk

PeyBack Foundation

“Laying the foundation for life long success”

Denver Broncos Quarterback Peyton Manning established the PeyBack Foundation in 1999 to promote the future success of disadvantaged youth by assisting programs that provide leadership and growth opportunities for children at risk. The Foundation focuses its efforts in a four-state region and has donated more than $6.5 million to youth organizations in Indiana, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Colorado since its inception.  The Foundation supports numerous organizations and programs through its grant program, but also operates and funds several of its own programs for underprivileged children. The Foundation carefully selects programs that it can support financially and considers the grant program a partnership with these organizations, not just an exchange of money. The Foundation has become a consistent and viable part of the communities of Indiana, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Colorado in terms of underprivileged children.

Peyton not only supports the PeyBack Foundation financially, as President of the Foundation, he is active in all major decisions concerning its initiatives and constantly seeks new opportunities and organizations to further the success of the Foundation.

The PeyBack Foundation’s mission statement is broad, but it allows us to assist as many children as possible and concentrates on a four-state region (Indiana, Louisiana, Tennessee and Colorado). With this mission, the Foundation reaches out to children of all different backgrounds. Children need opportunities through which they can grow and learn.  The Foundation strives to make these opportunities available to children who might not otherwise have the chance to participate and looks strongly upon abused and neglected children, boys & girls clubs, after-school programs, summer camps and foster children.

The Foundation has established several programs that are operated and funded solely by the Foundation.  These programs allow us to control the environment and content for the children.

Peyton established the Foundation with a plan to grow stronger each year, doing it the right way.  He has definitely accomplished that goal but is always striving to make it better. Peyton emphasizes to Foundation representatives to proceed slowly so programs are done professionally with maximum benefit to the children and we are in our ninth year of organizing our own programs and events.

The Foundation has a Resource Council of 13 business and community leaders from Indianapolis, Knoxville and New Orleans to provide assistance and awareness of local agencies, which could use financial assistance from the Foundation. The Resource Council meets once a year with Peyton to discuss the Foundation and new programs or events to be involved with for the year. The Foundation is in constant communication throughout the year with the Resource Council via email, mail and at Foundation events. The Foundation’s Executive Director meets with numerous organizations each year to hear their needs and plan for the upcoming year. It is often this initial step that translates into a simple event or program for that organization.

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