Providing Leadership and Growth Opportunities for Children at Risk

Grant Program

Each year, the PeyBack Foundation funds various programs in Colorado, Indiana, Louisiana, and Tennessee. The Foundation has distributed more than $7.5 million in grants since 2002, including over $1 Million in May 2014 to 153 youth-based organizations.  The deadline for the 2015 PeyBack Foundation Grant Applications was February 10, 2015.  We are no longer accepting 2015 grant applications at this time.

The PeyBack Foundation focuses primarily on economically disadvantaged youth. Emphasis is placed on programs that have a direct benefit to children through relationships and activities. Programs that are intended to enrich the lives of disadvantaged youth through activities conducted outside the typical school day (i.e., after-school and summer programming) are particularly favored by the Foundation.

Our field of interest is in youth development. This includes:

Leadership and Life Skills - We are interested in supporting interactive programs that develop leadership skills and enhance character. Examples of programs: teaching youth how to identify their career or educational goal so they can become self sufficient; or programs that teach respect of self and others and provide cultural opportunities.

Mentoring – We are interested in programs that provide a caring adult who is working with disadvantaged youth. Programs include homework assistance, character building, improving self-esteem and confidence. The Foundation is interested in funding activities and programs that occur within the mentoring relationship, not adult volunteer training or recruitment.

After School/Summer Programming – The Foundation is especially interested in supporting programs that occur outside of a typical school day; i.e. after-school and summer programming.

Healthy Living – We are interested in programs that engage youth in physical activity and provide nutritious snacks and/or meals for youth participants. Consideration will be provided to programs that supply the necessary tools for a child to succeed educationally outside of the typical school environment.

PeyBack Foundation Grant Review Guidelines

  1. If your organization has been funded three years in a row (2012, 2013, 2014) we ask that you wait until the grant cycle due date of February 2016 to apply again.
  2. Requests for funding are limited to one request per organization.
  3. Two funding levels are required.
  4. Grant application needs placed on plain white paper (no letterhead – no photos).
  5. Other than what is requested no additional materials are to be submitted with the application, i.e., brochures, pictures, articles, etc.
  6. It is mandatory that grant applications come from organizations that work with children who are economically disadvantaged.  A good indicator of being economically disadvantaged is if youth participate in the free and reduced lunch program at school.  The National School Lunch program provides free lunches to students whose family income is below 130% of the federal poverty line; it offers reduced-price lunches to students who family income is between 130% and 185% of the poverty line.
  7. Organizations must work with children between the ages of 6-18.
  8. Please indicate ages of children on application not their grade levels.
  9. Handwritten grant applications will not be accepted.
  10. Grant making policy places emphasis on programs rather than operating support.  The PeyBack Foundation will provide funding to support program-specific expenses, not general administrative expenses of an organization.
  11. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  12. Budget form included in the Grant Application must be completed.
  13. Budget must show PeyBack Foundation grant request (in the Amount Requested and Pending columns).
  14. Contributions are limited to organizations in Colorado, Indiana, Louisiana and Tennessee.
  15. Grant is limited to a maximum of $15,000 although most grants funded are in the $10,000 range.
  16. The Foundation prefers not to be the only financial resource for a program.  Applications demonstrating collaborative efforts with partnering organizations will be given priority.
  17. Organization’s name that is applying for grant must be the name on the 501(c)3 documentation – if not, there must be a letter from the organization (on their letterhead) on the 501(c)3 documentation stating the relationship between the applying organization and theirs.

Frequently asked questions regarding our grant process

What should I do if I can’t download the grant application? Please email to receive the application in a word document.

How should I assemble the grant? Please staple or paper clip.  Do not use binding, folders, etc.

If I applied in the past, can I apply again?  Can I apply for the same program? Yes, providing your organization hasn’t received funding for the past three years in a row. If your organization has been funded three years in a row (2012, 2013, 2014), we ask that you wait until the grant cycle due date of February 2016 to apply again.

How many copies do I need to send? No extra copies needed, just the original application with requested documentation and attachments.

If I am an organization in another state, but do programming in Colorado, Indiana, Louisiana or Tennessee can I still apply for the grant if it benefits the children in those states?

No, your organization’s physical address must be in one of the four areas stated above.

Should I apply if my organization benefits youth not between the ages of 6 to 18? No, please follow the guidelines as written.

If I have further questions, how should I contact the Foundation? Please send an email to

How should I send the application? You can send it via the U.S. Mail.  Do not use a delivery service that would require a signature.

Does it have to be delivered by February 10, 2015? All completed applications including requested documentation must be postmarked by February 10, 2015.

Can I hand deliver the grant application to the PeyBack Foundation office? Yes, there will be a tub outside the PeyBack Foundation office door until February 10, 2015.  You may drop off your completed application here.  Applications cannot be dropped off after February 10, 2015.

When will the organizations be notified? All organizations will receive an email within two weeks of application receipt to notify them that the PeyBack Foundation has received their application.  Grant notification letters will be sent to all applicants regarding grant funding or decline May 2015.

Mailing address: PeyBack Foundation, 6325 N. Guilford Suite 201, Indianapolis, IN 46220

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